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      How can we use
      Satellite Technologies
      to improve Agriculture and
      reduce Environmental Impact?

      The Prize rewards young innovators exploring the use of satellite technologies to improve agriculture and reduce environmental impact.


      GNSS Agency and the European Environment Agency, the Farming by Satellite Prize invites applicAn initiative of the European ants to submit their ideas for a more sustainable, productive and efficient agriculture industry in Europe.


      Returning in 2020, the Special Africa Prize encourages young Africans to develop satellite-based solutions able to cater to the specific needs and resources of communities and lands in Africa.

      Rewarding success and innovation

      The aim of the prize is to promote Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Earth Observation (EO) services in agriculture. We’re looking for new ideas and innovations, particularly those relying upon European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS), the GALILEO system, or Copernicus. Entries can be from individuals or teams, and be about any type of agriculture.

      Watch the full awards ceremony for the Farming by Satellite Prize 2020

      And the winners of the Farming by Satellite Prize 2020 are...

      The Farming by Satellite Prize 2020, promoting the use of satellite technologies in agriculture, was awarded on Monday 30th November at the virtual awards ceremony. The overall winner, Graniot from Spain won €5,000 with their web application for agronomists and farmers to conduct weekly monitoring of their crops using European satellite technologies.

      More details here!

      Students and young professionals – Combine your knowledge and creativity together and submit your ideas that use satellite technologies to improve agriculture and the environment.

      Professors and Lecturers –  Share this opportunity with your students working at the intersection of space technologies and agriculture. You can also build it into your teaching programme for the semester and support your students with their applications.

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      ? Have questions? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions                                                   

      The 2020 Prizes

      1st place  - €5,000
      2nd place - €3,000
      3rd place  - €1,000
      Special Africa Prize  - €1,000
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